Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do City Hall weddings?
Yes, we do. Also, since you never know how long it will take at the City Hall, our elopement packages are not time based and we will be there no matter how long it takes for you to get to the marriage chapel and beyond.

Do you offer officiant services?
Yes! For intimate weddings and elopements our NY registered officiant service is included in the packages. This is an optional service but we recommend it especially since you’ll be able to choose any special park or spot in the city to celebrate the ceremony. We’d be happy to help you decide and give you advice based on our experience.

Do you take formal family photos?
Yes! Although our style is editorial and photojournalistic we will definitely take as many formal photos as you need.

Is every single photo edited? And what does “edited’ mean?
Yes they are! For us, “editing” means that we go through all of the photos and work on all of them correcting the color and enhancing its visual qualities.

Color vs. Black and White. 
Most commonly you will receive a greater portion of color photos but our collections also include a slight percentage of black and white photos. In most cases we turn to black and white some color versions of the photos so you can have both. Other times we consider a specific photo works best in black and white instead of in color, and this usually happens when the color of the ambiance light is unflattering on a particular shot.

What kind of files will we receive? 
We deliver  the full resolution, edited, un-watermarked JPG files. You have exclusive personal reprint rights.

Could we have the RAW files? 
No. As professional photographers and authors we will never hand to anyone any unprocessed/incomplete work.

How many photos do we receive? 
This is a tough question because the answer changes based on the timing of your day and the number of details and family formal shots. Let’s just say you will receive a right number of shots to best represent your day and events according to our extensive experience as visual storytellers.

How do we receive our photos?
For elopements and small weddings (of less than 4 hours coverage): you’ll be emailed a digital gallery of your images that you can order your prints from. The set up is exactly like a typical online store, and you’ll be able to share this link with friends and family so they can shop for prints themselves if they wish to. You will also be able to download the photos in both web resolution and high resolution. For larger weddings: in addition to the digital gallery we will send you the same edited high resolution photos on a custom USB flash drive included in our full day weddings.

How long does it take to get our images back?
Our official turnaround is 5 weeks for elopements and 6 weeks for weddings. If we manage to have your pictures earlier we will send it before that time.

Are you insured?
Yes. Please let us know at least two months in advance if your venue specifically needs a certificate of insurance. Some venues do, some don’t.

Do you have backup equipment?
Yes. Extra lenses, extra cameras, and many batteries. We also shoot with two cameras and we carry one back up camera body and lenses.

That’s it for now! If something you’d like to ask us is not on this list feel free to contact us HERE