Photographer Leila Jacue and art director David Leon founded L&L Style Photo with the purpose of creating artful images that reflect the emotions of great couples celebrating their day in unique ways. We believe in contemporary wedding photography created with a stylish and fun approach, capturing the excitement of the couple, showing  love and connection and  interactions with the guests, depicting real moments full of life.




  • We have 6+ years of experience photographing weddings and elopements in NYC.
  • We have a creative background and always look for an unique style that captures the essence of the city.
  • New York is a busy and constantly changing city. We have expert knowledge of the city and know the coolest locations and how to move around in the nicest, fastest and less stressful way.
  • Leila & David always work as a team. Leila takes artistic, carefully planned shots while David makes sure there‚Äôs a great background, plans on locations and assists during the shoot (this can be really useful for taking editorial shots without having to worry about where to leave your coats or belongings in a busy Manhattan street).
  • We are flexible and reasonable. We are open to finding another available time last minute, in case of terrible weather or if something unplanned happens.
  • David is a NYC registered officiant so we've got you covered in case anything comes up with your officiant or at the City Hall.


We are based out in Manhattan, New York City and currently we are serving weddings and elopements in NYC and beyond, plus destination weddings.

Leila Jacue is a natural born photographer. She got a camera as a present when she was a little girl and has been taking pictures ever since :)After she got her Masters degree in photography she started working as a photo journalist and fashion photographer and working with couples created L&L Style Photo, combining her past experience with the excitement and positive feelings of wedding photography.


David Leon is a visual artist. He started as a young painter and in college had the chance to access technology that changed his life. Computers and audiovisual tools changed his ways to represent the world. Web design and product management, on shoot assistance and selected second shooting  are the other half of L&L Style Photo.




Pictures by Leila Jacue of L&L Style Photo. All rights reserved.